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When only precision will achieve the desired effect

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Understanding the potential in a site

One of Hugh O'Connell's interests in garden design is the creation of a classical garden in a modern setting.

The key to this is the creation of a formal design whose proportions fit in harmoniously with the physical restrictions of the site.

The result will be a garden with modern, clean lines, that will fit in with the traditional formal garden associated with, for instance, Grade I and Grade II listed Georgian houses.

In the example I have given on the next page, the main feature is a water parterre, which is designed to blend in with the old (house, orchard and croquet lawn) and the new (children's area, swimming pool and vehicle access). In an existing garden, all these would have to be integrated into the design, utilising existing plants wherever possible or practical.

Sourcing of materials for such a garden also has to be appropriate for the setting. I can source furniture and ornaments from a number of suppliers - an example being the large, fine fountain shown on the right. The cast iron fountain is 1.95m high, with the bowl over 1m across, and water also comes out of the lion mouths.

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