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Devon Garden Design Tiverton Formal Water Parterre

When only precision will achieve the desired effect

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Achieving the owner's vision

The detailed design for the formal garden example is shown below, with the central feature being the Water Parterre.


The water parterre

My concept for this garden is centered on the use of water. A black-tiled central feature would form a "mirror pond", reflecting the sky. The slight slope found in many gardens is used to advantage here, with two header ponds feeding the mirror pond through rills. From the mirror pond, another rill feeds the large fountain. The mirror pond would have statues on its long North-South axis and can also be used as a natural swimming pond. Powerful ultra violet (UV) lighting can largely replace chemicals and kills bacteria and algae.

The parterre is defined by planting areas shown green in the plan, which have posts and rope to help form a definitive visual boundary to the parterre.

Barbican slabs are used to surround the water features and define the area. It is preferable to use ultra-violet cleansing in order to eliminate the need for chemicals in the water. Swimming pool chemicals break down top-quality Riven slabs in time, and make them rough and gritty to walk on.

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