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basilica -

ba-sil'-i-ca, n. [Greek. basilikê stoa, royal portico, from basilikos, royal.]

  1. In ancient Rome, a building of rectangular shape with a broad nave ending in a semi-circular apse flanked by colonnaded aisles. It was used as a court of justice and a place for public assembly.
  2. An early Christian church, which generally followed the same ground plan as 1.
  3. A Roman Catholic Church with special ceremonial privileges.
  4. In the Middle Ages, it was used to describe a large building erected over the tomb of a notable person.

parterre -

low box hedges forming patterns with gravel surround in the French style.

pleaching -

the practice of forming a dense hedge by interweaving the branches of well-spaced trees whilst leaving the trunks showing prominently. It is generally applied to limes and hornbeams.

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