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Your house was built using plans - don't use sketches for the garden!

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Garden design Services:

for private owned gardens large and small, company owned gardens private or commercial.

The initial garden design consultation by email or telephone allows clarification of your location and objectives.

  • Prior to walking the garden the initial meeting at your dwelling for us to show examples of previous projects, work scope and design process.

  • Read our Terms and Conditions of Business.

  • Sign the Form of Acceptance that you will have read and accept our Terms and Conditions of Business.

  • Prior to the design a scaled professionally drawn up to date survey is required. If supplied by you it requires to have been professionally done up to date by a qualified land surveyor. Datum set on the lowest level. For small gardens we do the survey with our own equipment. Medium sized to large gardens we recommend Benchmark Surveys Exeter who are listed on our consultants list on the web site home page drop down menus. Further afield for travel distance provided our requirements are met a qualified land surveyor is acceptable.

  • The design Outline plan is prepared in Basic form first to put the garden landscape ideas on plan for you to see and approve. If changes are required they are done at this stage. To become the Full Outline Plan the existing survey increments are used or changed to determine the new ground shape design across the area of concern. Sketches that don't take account of existing ground levels are not used. Called 'Flat Land Plans' in the trade and impossible to set out on the ground in most of the South West of England that lacks Billiard Table Flatness.

  • Planting Plan. Plant preferences with our imputes are prepared showing the plants spaced to their attainable growth at 5 years. As shrubs and trees grow more from 5 to 7 years than they do in the first 5 this illustrates they do not stop growing at 5 years a common misunderstanding. Understanding this allows better plant control to avoid overcrowded jungles commonly seen in gardens after 6 years of growth.

  • Construction drawings are prepared in detail for all hard landscape items, including drainage, and ponds.

  • Written specifications supplied applicable to the project as required. For both hard and soft landscaping.

Please telephone or email for a consultation from the designer to see the site . The designer is qualified in Horticulture NCH and has in excess of 20 years design experience preceded by 20 years commercial practical horticulture, including 5 years running his former landscape firm from the Sidmouth valley. He understands soil types and their faults. In particular Upper Greensand that has a particle size of less than 3 microns that blocks land drains and runs in water. He knows how to avoid creating compaction and anaerobic conditions that lead to soil fit for only Bamboos and Mosquitoes to live in. Proposed clients are advised prior to his seeing the site that they do not instruct contractors to fell trees or alter the site prior to the designers first visit.

The following example is an Outline Plan.

  Final Design

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