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The Design Process - Professional help For Your Ideas - 2

Your house was built using plans - don't use sketches for the garden.

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Getting the measure of your garden

The Survey

You are now in possession of an accurate plan of your garden and or park complete with soil PH analysis and if required an understanding of drainage. The scale of the survey plan will depend upon the size of the site. Large sites can be scaled higher and enlarged after the survey has been completed to reduce initial site cost.

The next stage is to develop the design proposed on first plan The Basic Outline Plan, with a Report.

Please note that true design, rather than sketches are used throughout. Sketches are inaccurate, especially in relation to sloping areas, and are likely to be misleading. This portfolio of designs contains actual design examples (though the detail of those has been deliberately reduced in order to speed up their display on the internet.)

The design shown at the bottom of the page is in a large scale 1:200m bulk planting plan. This would only be used in park-type planting.

The normal small scale of 1:50m to show even the smallest plant and bulb.

large scale planting plan
  design plan
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