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The Design Process - Professional Help For Your Ideas - 3

Your house was built using plans - don't use sketches for the garden!

Designing to centimetre accuracy

The final design is usually drawn on A1 or on A0 paper (16 times the area of a normal A4 sheet) with a scale suitable to the project. This might be 1:20 for a London garden, or 1:200 for a large country project.

The final design is just one of the key drawings. Some planting plans will be based on a grid, as shown in the lower plan. Here the major setting-out line is shown in red, with blue for the planting lines at right angles. For this planting method, plants are deliberately placed in a wave pattern, as the diagram at right shows. Planting plans are usually at a larger scale, in this case 1:50.

This diagram illustrates how plants are set out at a scale of 1:50.

planting guide
  planting plan
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