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Devon Somerset Border SSSI Project

Plants specific to teh conditions of this SSSI

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Plants specific to the conditions of this SSSI

The wet, low nutrient conditions of this SSSI support a wide range of herb species. Although these are not rare within the UK, are all uncommon and very restricted to this type of habitat.

Plants to be found here include heath spotted orchid, devil's-bit scabious, bog asphodel, lousewort and two insectivorous plants; round-leaved sundew and pale butterwort.


Cotton Grass and Heath Spotted Orchid.

orchid sundew

Southern Marsh Orchid

Round -Leaved Sundew - it has round leaves with an edge of spines as it is an insectivorous plant.

bog asphodel butterfly

Bog Asphodel

Meadow Brown Butterfly

Interested in encouraging butterflies in your garden? Follow this link to Butterfly Conservation, the organisation whose ultimate goal is nothing less than the restoration of a balanced countryside, with butterflies and other wildlife returned to the profusion they, and we, once enjoyed.

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