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Devon Somerset Border non SSSI Garden Area Landscape Design

Adding practicality within Nature's constraints

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Initial assessment and pruning work

The first stage of building onto an existing garden planting is to evaluate the existing planting in detail. Looking at it, not only from its present contribution and condition, but from where it will be in, say, twenty years time.

Removal of any plant however poor its growth condition, difficult planting location or lack of value from a botanical standpoint, must be thought through very carefully. With some it may be possible to renovate them back to their former glory. Others may form structural features on to which areas the garden can be built.

Even those of lowly botanical pedigree can form the base of a wider collection of plants. The garden area shown on this page is outside the SSSI.


Salix x chrysocoma :
This has been hard pruned back to the trunk to encourage disease free new growth - it was suffering badly from willow scab and mildew. Triennial hard pruning should keep the disease within bounds.

pop sedge

Populus x candicans 'Aurora' :
Responds to hard cutting back producing stronger larger leaves, cutting back new growth every 3 - 4 years encourages branching and a more luxuriant leaf canopy.

A general view of the lakeside area during the initial pruning and maintenance work. The Populus x candicans can be seen in the centre of the photograph and provides a visual focal point.

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