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Devon Somerset Border Smeatharpe Village

Non SSSI garden area with pond

Stabilising the stream banks and lake edge

The garden has two water areas - a pond in the SSSI and a lake just outside the SSSI. The work described here is to the non-SSSI water feature in the full scale rural landscaping.

The lake has a clay liner to keep the water in. In order to avoid puncturing the liner, coconut fibre rolls were supplied in a mesh net. The rolls are laid on a hooped geotextile sheet and tightly tied to it with wire ties. The sheet is also tied to the bank with wire ties.

Soil is backfilled onto the sheet and the margin can be planted once this is settled. The rolls were not pre-planted (in other applications they can be - particularly with high density water fowl populations which eat newly planted plants).

general view

The bank prior to forming the marsh margin to soften its impact with coir fibre rolls.

general view sedge

The wire ties binding the coir fibre roll to the hoops in the geotextile sheet. In the front of the photograph a tie can be seen binding the sheet to the bank. Soil is then placed on the sheet and the wire ties which holds all in place and strengthens the bond.

The coir fibre rolls tied together with wire ties, and to the hooped geotextile sheet, with soil placed in position behind the rolls.

general view general view

Soil is backfilled onto the sheet and graded to the top of the rolls. This is allowed to settle for a month or so, and is topped up as required.

The lake margin six months later showing plant growth on and behind the coir rolls.

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