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Determining the framework for the plan

The major lines of orientation for this classical, contemporary, large Country garden were first defined in relation to the key viewpoints, their position with respect to the central portion of the house, and the relationship of minor axial lines feeding into the core.

The unique and timeless classical proportions for this garden were taken from the 15th century book on architecture by Alberti "On the Art of Building in Ten Books". Note how the water features at the junction of the major house axis and the cross axis are used to key together these two and their related frames, and to provide a strong central area. The two water features are themselves joined with a rill which is also a link between the two main levels - due to the fall in the land, there is a change in level here of 1 metre (three feet). The overall palette design is simple.

If you wish to read more about the design principles behind this design, please refer to the article on this website.

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