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I have chosen these gardens principally for their design, including the use of classical proportions, rather than for their botanical content.


Introduction to the subject

Garden Design: Influential Styles Throughout History - A brief overview by Gavin Woodworth, a Landscape Architecture student at Colorado State University, of four major movements affecting Landscape Architecture as it is known today: the Moorish gardens of ancient Spain, the villas of the Italian Renaissance, the Modernist designs of England and United States, and the religious gardens of Japan.

Historic Gardens Foundation - The Historic Gardens Foundation is a non profit-making organisation set up in 1995 to create links between everyone concerned with the preservation, restoration and management of historic parks and gardens. Historic Gardens have never attracted the same interest and support as historic buildings or the natural landscape. The Foundation is working to correct this imbalance, and to secure for historic parks and gardens, wherever they may be, their rightful place on the cultural map.

Good illustrations of space use and other design use in the gardens illustrated can be found at the American Society of Landscape Architects. Other examples (Click on each photograph of interest to see more of the site illustrated):
- Oehme van Sweden
- Artemis Landscape Architects
- Towers Golde Landscape Architects
- Dirk Sabin Landscape Design
- Stephen Stimson Associates Landscape

The article 'Classical Architecture: Three Fallacies' covers modern non historical classical design principles in architecture.

European and US gardens

Vaux-le-Vicomte - The Chateau of Vaux-le-Vicomte was built in 1658-61 for Nicholas Fouquet, the finance minister of Louis XIV. The architects were Louis LeVau and Jules Hardouin-Mansart; the gardens were designed by André LeNôtre.

Middle East and Indian sub-continent

The Assyrians had ruled parts of Persia and the Persian monarchs continued their tradition of creating hunting parks, which they called “pairidaeza”. The Greeks called the Persian hunting parks and gardens “paradeisos” and the word has entered the English language as “paradise”.

Gardens of the Mughal Empire: Shalamar Garden.

The Royal Gardens, Sri Lanka - Here is another site for Sigiriya: The Mount of Remembrance. A stunning opening photograph!

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