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London Garden Design Kew Green

Timber Decking, Steps, Brick and York stone paving with Single Line Overhead pergola to counteract the tall surrounding buildings


Decking - plans to match the scale

For most homes, for the price of redesigning your kitchen, you could redesign your entire garden - and add substantially to the value of your home. Try regarding your garden as an extra room - is it as well-designed now as you would like? Is it relaxing? Is it as enjoyable as it could be?

The plan shown here is for a garden in Central London, where space is at a premium. Whilst all gardens have to be carefully designed, using high accuracy, this is particularly true of gardens measuring just a few metres across that are under constant scrutiny.

This garden makes very effective use of decking - especially as the decking is used to hide functions such as dustbin storage and boiler vent pipes. London gardens really are extensions of the living space and must match the owners' aspirations.

detail of London Garden
  London garden plan scale 1:20
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