Devon Landscape Garden Design Sidbury Mill Sidbury near Sidmouth near Exeter

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Ergonomics as part of commercial design

The plan on this page shows a commercial project - Sidbury Mill in the valley of the river Sid in East Devon. Commercial projects have a greater scope that private commissions. Visual appeal is usually forced into second place by functional requirements. Sidbury Mill is a tourist attraction and has to cater for visitors' cars. Thus the design of the car park was an important part of the project. In fact, this very functional feature is the main focal point of the entire complex - the challenge was thus effectively to landscape an area of tarmac. Our objective is Ars est celare artem - the highest art lies in the concealment of art. One expects this in classical designs, but we apply this principle to all designs - even car parks in this full scale rural landscaping.

  the car park design

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