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Devon Garden Landscape Design Sidbury Mill near Sidmouth near Exeter

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Careful planting for unused spaces

Sidbury Mill's character is enhanced by an emphasis of its original very rural placement - whilst at the same time providing for the modern needs of access.

The likely numbers of visiting public at any one time were calculated and the car park layout defined to cater for this volume of traffic.

Large areas of tarmac were not seen to be in keeping with the site and so it was decided to create a central island of greenery in the car park area.

Established mathematical formulae were used to determine the layout of the parking spaces, the recommended turning circles and the efficient use of space, commensurate with adequate leeway for manoeuvring.

The central area thus defined has been turned into a pleasant vista for those using the adjacent tearooms and lessens the impact of the attraction on its immediate neighbourhood.

creating the woodland setting again
  car park island covering unused space with foliage
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