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Devon Sidbury Mill Garden and Landscape Design Sidbury near Sidmouth near Exeter


Balancing functionality with visual appeal

The landscaping of a commercial property has to bear in mind more than just the visual appeal of a large private garden.

The first priority of the public areas is that they must be functional. However, the landscaping and use of plants should provide a means of blending parking areas with surrounding green spaces, thus reducing the contrast.

The use of low maintenance ground-cover plants is sufficient to screen the grey of the driveway from the viewpoint of the car park.

The refurbished walls of the leat have been masked through the use of Lonicera Nitida, which provides a visual buffer between the driveway and the leat - increasing the rural nature of the site.

Adding colour to large wall areas
  Hiding tarmac with manageable foilage Low profile shrubbery as a separator
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