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Large garden projects still need fine detail

Just because a garden may take up many hectares or acres does not mean that the attention to detail is any the less. Those areas of the garden that are direct extensions of the house and its living space require every bit as much attention as in the small garden covered earlier in this brochure.

This particular project shows the breadth of planning required in all projects. At the bottom is the design plan for the entire garden. The area shown in blue has been singled out as requiring particular attention to detail due to its close proximity to the main living area of the house.

The two smaller drawings on this page show the expansion of detail in this area, with the second of these two designs showing detail down to a couple of centimetres.

No garden plan based on sketches can supply this attention to detail. Your garden is an ever-present part of your lifestyle - it deserves the best you can offer in this full scale rural landscaping.

South Hams, Devon
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