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Devon Garden Design South Hams

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Working alongside natural beauty

This project is a large garden set in the South Hams area of Devon, a lovely rural part of the UK countryside, east of Plymouth.

The original site consisted of fields that had been planted with garden conifers. These were visually unsuitable for the period of the house and did not fit in with surrounding woodland.

A particular requirement was that the garden, although of a large size (6 hectares - 14 acres) should required little in the way of maintenance.

Thus it was designed with small areas laid out to gardens, with the majority of the site consisting of parkland and coppice areas. New planting to encourage bird song together with a lake and a deciduous wood.

The landscaping work was undertaken by a corporate member of the British Association of Landscape Industries (BALI).

The lower left photograph shows established background trees with grouped new trees in the middle ground, fronted with yearly pruned Pittosporum large shrubs. The soil is heavy wet acid clay. In the mild climate and wet conditions these plants grow well.

South Hams, Devon
  Low maintenance parkland Creating a natural environment
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